My favorite read aloud is The  secret  zoo.Because I like  difent animals and the poler bear blizzerd and the penguin pogy.I liked the good word favorite character was noah because he hah so much was the best book ever.
May is a fun time of day. Are song was Molokai partner was kaine we had to where green for the dance.I think the dance was cool I like may day.I think may day is a fun program.
Jellyfish Haiku
Some you can not see
It floats in the darck all nigh
It has stinging cells
Octopus fats 1.Octopus have a bek like a bird. 2.Octopus have cups at the end of there arms. 3.There  slimy.4.Thay eat crabs. 
I watched Oz The Great And Powerful in theaters Imax and 3D and in 30.10 surround sound it was assume.
This is a map of the Hawaiian islands.  Press the plus sign  + on the upper left hand corner to zoom in. Press the minus sign _below  the plus sign to zoom out and look at the world!